Really? A Foot Doctor?

preparing trip to podiatrist

Pain…in my foot.

I’ve been training to run the Disney World Half Marathon for the past few weeks.  Running hasn’t been easy, I had to get through some pretty bad knee pain, get fitted for the correct shoes, and deal with some discomfort in my right foot since this past summer.

One.thing.after.another.  Can I catch a break?

So, if you look at the top photo in this post, the pain I’ve been dealing with in my foot is right in the ball of my right foot.  When running, I’ve been feeling like there is a rock under my second toe…and it doesn’t feel too good…almost like a radiating pain each time I hit the ground.  It’s not as bad when I’m not running but it’s uncomfortable when I’m barefoot walking around my house.  And it hasn’t gone away like I thought it would.  Ugh.

I’ve had a few of my running friends tell me that I need to go see a podiatrist (foot doctor) and stop running on it until then since I could make things worse with further damage.  I kept pushing it off thinking the pain would eventually work itself out.

No luck.

It’s gotten to the point that each time I get about a mile into my run, the pain is to the point where it’s the only thing I can think about.

So I bit the bullet…made the call, and have an appointment on Thursday.  I’m kind of worried he’s going to go all medieval on my foot and mash it all kinds of ways, lol!

But I guess it’s worth getting some answers and hopefully getting everything worked out!

Have you been to a podiatrist?  What should I expect?

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