A Rockasan for the Nursery

Completely nontraditional but super fun…introducing our Rockasan from Pier 1:
www.pier1.com – We are painting the base white and have a turquoise cushion.
Have you ever sat in a regular Papasan chair from Pier 1?  Well you’re totally missing out if you haven’t.  It’s the most comfy thing ever…and the Rockasan is the exact same chair but with a rocking base.  Some people may think it looks like it’s from the 70’s and it might very well be…but I find it extremely hip (who knows, maybe I’m a hippy at heart?)!  I’ve never had a room that I could ‘pull the chair off in’, if you know what I mean…I didn’t want to look like a recent college grad, ha!  But a nursery is one of those rooms that you can have some fun in…and I figured why not get the chair?  Plus my ultimate goal for the nursery is that I want it to be a welcoming, warm, and comfortable place.  I’m not trying to win any awards for design.  😉
I had been warned that it would be hard to get out of with a baby (thanks for all the feedback on the Facebook page ladies!)…and that sent me on a mission to try it out at our local store.  Well, honestly the regular Papasan was a tad tricky to get out of but after trying the Rockasan, the rocking motion actually helps you to get up pretty easily!  I was sold!  
We bought a furry teal cushion and some fabulous pillows (I will try to post a picture tomorrow).  Once we got it into the nursery and set up…something was off though.  Yep, it’s a little bulky but that wasn’t it.  Hmmm…it was that the frame was brown and clashed with the turquoise and white walls.  Solution = primer, glossy white spray paint, and a tough sealant.  This will by my DIY project (or Hubby’s with me looking over his shoulder) tomorrow.  🙂  I promise to post pics as soon as it dries!
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2 thoughts on “A Rockasan for the Nursery

  1. LadyH says:

    I don’t know if this blog is still active, but I have a question about your rockasan. I just bought one, but the bowl keeps slipping off the base when I get in it. How did you secure it to keep this from happening?

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi, I just bought one at a flea market and the chair was in two parts the base and the bowl. I have tried fixing it together but I am not sure how far in or out should I place it over the base. Any suggestion?

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