Something I Haven’t Shared

I’ve been keeping a little secret for just about half a year…my husband is deployed.

I decided not to share it until now since I’m not a huge fan of telling the world that my husband is away nor do I want any extra attention from it.  Some of you military wives will know of the type I’m talking about…constant FB status updates of having to do things alone, deployment this and that, and so on…that’s just not me.  It’s been rough but not anything that I haven’t been able to handle…hey, I knew what I was getting into when I married him! 😉

But he’s coming home soon!

These photos were taken the day before he left and I still get sappy looking at them since Mabel has missed having a father in her life and I’ve missed having my husband by my side.

pre deployment
Just relaxing…I love the look she’s giving him.

pre deployment

I want to also apologize to all of my readers.  I know my posts have been slacking the past couple of months…but this is the reason why.  And I’m finally able to explain it all.

Having to manage the home, raising Mabel, normal daily life activities, the destruction to our home that the hot water heater caused (I’m still dealing with it!), the blog and the vlog channel…I’ve been a super busy lady.  Honestly hats off to all the single mommas cause I don’t know how you do it!  Anyway, I had to be picky with my time and that’s why the blog and vlog channel lost a lot of my attention.  I promise that it will get back to normal over the next few weeks!

But I probably will disappear for a bit once he gets home since I want to soak in every ounce of family time possible.

I’m sooooo excited!

9 thoughts on “Something I Haven’t Shared

  1. Christina f says:

    I’ve been around since you were about half way through your pregnancy… I’m also a military wife =) my husbands in the army. He was deployed for about 9 months while I was pregnant and missed his daughters birth. Deployments are hard! I had no idea your husband was gone but so happy he’ll be home soon!! Luckily we don’t have a deployment in the near future but of course that can change… Good job mama!

    • Morgan says:

      I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been! Did you have family close to help support you during your labor/delivery? And I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that hopefully there won’t be another deployment in the near future!

  2. Emily says:

    Hi I just found your blog and I love it!! I’m engaged to a sailor and will soon know all about the deployment struggles. Good for you for staying tough! Lord knows the world does not need another one of those “types” constantly complaining about deployments. My sister was a navy wife and I grew up around it too. Good luck the rest of the way!

    • Morgan says:

      So glad you found my blog and a huge congrats on your engagement! I know Navy life is completely different than other branches so you’ll have to keep me updated! Do they have to be out to sea a lot? Like a couple months home/couple months gone?

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Yayyyy! So glad he’s coming home soon. My boyfriend will be deploying soon, and I’m already not wanting him to leave, but gonna stay busy the best I can and finish my degree before he gets back!

    • Morgan says:

      Best idea ever! The busier you keep, the faster it goes and I’m sure finishing your degree will keep you super busy! 🙂 What are you getting your degree in?

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