Staying True To Myself…And My Readers


I originally began this blog a year and a half ago for the sole purpose of tracking my pregnancy and connecting with other women who were in the same situation.  Within that time, a lot has changed.  The blog has grown into something I had never imagined it could be (I have you to thank for that) and I’m trying to evolve it, become a better writer, and include new topics.

…all while staying true to myself.

…and to my readers.

As the blog continues to grow, new opportunities arise.  The good…the bad…and the weird.

It’s been heavy on my heart lately that I want you all to know, whenever I post a review or discuss something that I own or enjoy…I am speaking my true thoughts and opinions.  Being genuine is something I highly value.  I can’t stand it when I stumble upon a blog where someone is talking up a certain item and I feel that every word they say is fake or too ‘salesy’.

Selling out

I never want to come off like that.

I’ve received products before, tested them out and there was no way that I could recommend them…so guess what?  I never mentioned them on the blog.  I just couldn’t live with myself and posting lies just because it’s something that a company might want to hear.

Can you imagine I had a request to try cookies shaped like the face of a city governor…hmm, I passed.

I couldn’t honestly represent a product or put up a post about it if I didn’t feel like it was a good fit for the blog.  So please know that I’m very selective and that you can trust what I post.  My readers mean so much to me and I do my best to be real and authentic.

Is it bad that sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I’m worried about being as ‘me’ as I can be on the blog?  Maybe it’s a little extreme but I truly am dedicated to this blog and those of you who read it.

And know that I’m constantly reminding myself:


So there you have it…I feel better about getting that off my chest.  I hope you view me as a friend…someone you can trust.

3 thoughts on “Staying True To Myself…And My Readers

  1. Aimee says:

    I came across your blog probably about 6-8 months ago. I’m honestly not sure what I Googled that made yours come up, but I am so thankful that it did! I love blogs, and I’m a new mom as well {she’s nearly 14 months} so your blog immediately became one of my favorites! I blog as well, however I don’t have nearly the amount of traffic as yours does. However, when I do have a new reader outside of my friends and family, I find myself thinking the same way as you. “Did I offend them with something I said? Did I try to push my view or opinion about something a little too hard?” I just want to thank you for your blog, and to tell you that for what it’s worth, I think it’s awesome! But I’m just a southern girl from Georgia 🙂

  2. Sarah C. says:

    I think it’s extremely important to stay true to who you really are. Sadly, a ton of blogs have become washed out sell out types who post about products only. It’s sad and I never end up reading the posts because of it.l I like your blog because like you said, you are genuine. 🙂

  3. Harpa says:

    Keep it coming, love what you write and I can read the honesty through your writing.

    I my self don’t like those giveaway blogs so yours one of my favourites!

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