Stitch Fix #10

Stitch Fix August 2013

I’m still obsessed with Stitch Fix and I still order a box every month (I’ve had some questions and I just want to make it known that I buy these boxes with my own money).  Basically, Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription service where a personal stylist picks 5 articles of clothing (or accessories if you choose) and sends them right to your door for you to try on/decide if you want to buy and keep!  Read more about all the details in my very first Stitch Fix post.

Whenever I read Stitch Fix posts on other blogs, I think it’s more beneficial to actually see the clothes on someone rather than just pictures of the clothes so I was more determined to take photos of myself actually in the clothes this month.  But the pics and lighting are pretty bad…I haven’t mastered the technique of taking photos of myself so I apologize, lol!

So here was this month’s box (and I’m late posting this since you’ll see my hair is still long in these photos!):

Stitch Fix August 2013
(left to right) Hourglass Lilly Zig Zag Maxi, Angie Paisley Maxi, Miilla Sheer Eyelet Top, and 19 Cooper V-Neck Top.

1 // Hourglass Lilly Nadine Zig-Zag Print Maxi Dress – Horrible…just horrible.  The print was fun but the dress had absolutley no shape at all.  I could probably have added a belt to define my waist but the arm holes were way too big…you could see my bra below my armpits….fail Sent it back.

2 // Angie Grant Paisley Print Maxi Dress – One nice thing about the dress was the cut…but that’s all I can say about it.  The print looked like it should be on a grandmother and the bottom of the dress had no slit…so it was hard to walk in since I couldn’t take a full stride.  Sent it back.

3 //  Miilla Vikki Sheer Eyelet Detail Silk Top – Very pretty top but it was an immediate ‘no’ when I put it on and it added about 20 pounds to my top half.  I’ve lost just about 15pounds in the past 3 months and the last thing I want to do is add it all back by wearing the wrong top.  Sent it back.

4//  19 Cooper Gilda Solid V-Neck Tab-Sleeve Top – Absolutely loved the color and I was hoping it would work soooo badly!  But once again, I felt that the top was too big.  Sent it back.

Stitch Fix August 2013

5//  Fun2Fun Lyah Chevron Print Sleeveless Blouse – This was the one winner of the box and the funny thing is just by looking at it, I thought it was going to be a disaster.  I normally hate sleeveless tops like this since I think they tend to make my upper arms look big but I actually really loved this top!  The chevron was flattering and so was the color!  I kept it!

Overall, this box was a pretty big dud but I’m happy for the chevron shirt.  And I’ll take some responsibility for a lot of the items not fitting well since I never updated my sizes in my profile after losing weight.  Even though I didn’t like most of the items…it was still just as fun!  My next box is actually supposed to arrive today (yep, that’s how late I am with posting this) and I can’t wait for the mailman!  😉

If you’re ready to try Stitch Fix out, click here to take the initial style survey (that’s my referral code)!  If you already get a Stitch Fix box, let me know what your experience has been or leave a link to your most recent blog post in the comment section!

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4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #10

  1. Helen says:

    Great choice, the chevron top is very stylish! I would keep the green one as well. Also I like your leggins. I know it’s not from stitch fix, but anyway I’m interested were did you get those 🙂

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