A Super Psycho Photoshop Trick

*Update 1 year after original post* – I actually was pregnant this cycle and if you strain your eyes you can see there is a super faint line in the photos.

Yes I’m uber-compulsive…and look what I learned that is increasing my obsession:

You can take a regular photo of your hpt like so:

And Photoshop invert it to this:


Now, understand these are both BFN from this morning.  If you click on the pic, it’ll make it larger for you to view (like I said, keep in mind it’s a BFN).

Why are you doing this??  Well, upon stalking lots of posts on TTC forums, I saw a lot of ladies doing this.  Apparently when you have a faint positive, inverting the pic will help you to see the line, or in my case no line, lol!

Another trick I’ve learned from the forums, is to take your screen and actually tilt it (like if you have a laptop, bend the screen back more).  This is showing me that if I’m learning it from other ladies, I’m not the only one going nuts trying to see lines.

I’ve had several friends online with recent BFPs…congrats ladies, hopefully I’ll join you soon!

Ok…on to more obsessing.  I guess the only cure to the obsessing is when AF arrives…well at least a temporary end to obsession.  Or does it ever really end?  Please don’t go cross-eyed over reading your tests.

Thanks for reading my rant…I promise to be less crazy tomorrow.  🙂

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