The Deployment – First Day (Part 2)

These posts were written during my husband’s deployment but since I didn’t want to advertise that he was gone, I decided to save them to post after her had returned.  I understand that different branches of the military do deployments differently so I wanted to show what our experience was like.

Our Daddy Doll for Mabel
Mabel’s ‘Daddy Doll‘…we ordered one right before my husband left.  They are pretty neat!

The First Day

Mabel woke up around 8:30 in the morning (we had dropped my husband off super early in the morning and then went home to go back to bed…you can read my first post here), only hours after my husband had left and our temporary life with just the two of us had begun.

I played pity party for myself, had a few cries here and there but Mabel reminded me I had to pull it all together.


He called to say goodbye as he was about to board his plane to go halfway across the world.  Then there was more crying on my behalf.

The rest of the day went on with me wondering what he was doing at the exact moment I was thinking about him, contemplating how slowly the time was going to pass, and of course taking care of Mabel and trying to keep her daily routine the same.

After putting Mabel to bed that evening and getting a shower myself, I decided to make a promise to myself:  No more feeling bad for myself (even though occasional moments of being upset are impossible to banish) and no continuous mentioning of my husband being gone on Facebook or in life in general.  And as a public service announcement…I see too many women mentioning online/in public that their husbands are gone…just don’t do it!  It’s an advertisement that you’re alone at home and an invitation to people to break into your house…I might sound like I’m going overboard but I know of several cases where this has happened at bases we’ve been at!  I just personally prefer to be cautious…

With no family close and me making the decision to not move closer to family during the deployment, Mabel and I were going to go at this deployment alone.   But it was going to be okay…I was going to grow and learn that I was strong enough to do this on my own.

Now…if only I could be patient enough for when that first Skype call was going to happen.

5 thoughts on “The Deployment – First Day (Part 2)

  1. Jessica M says:

    Wow, you brought me right back to that terrible day, x2, that my husband deployed. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I REALLY know what it’s like. Those deployments made us unbreakable. They were almost a blessing in disguise.

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