Tiny Human Styles for Spring

I’m sharing some stylish spring outfits for my tiny humans from Target Baby as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TargetCrowd

Toddler Spring Fashion #TargetCrowd

Yep, the expression on my child’s face above is how I feel when I get to Target, want to buy everything, and then am trying to figure out how to hide all the evidence from my husband.  Lol!  In all honesty, my love for Target knows no limitations.  And when I take a trip there…watch out because I’m a momma on a mission!

This past Friday I was preparing for Easter and that of course meant a trip to Target.  Stocking up on candy (Cadbury eggs are my weakness and I stock up so that I can make it all year round!), spring decor, and stylish clothes for the kiddos.  I think the Hubs would actually be pretty impressed with how much I saved.  😉

So here was our weekend in photos:

Saturday was dress up day.  Mabel is a shoe and sparkle addict so she had no problem trying her new outfit and cheesin’ it up for the camera.

Toddler Spring Fashion #TargetCrowd
Hoodie // Shirt // Skirt // Sandals

Total ham!  I guess that’s what I get after sticking a camera in her face since birth.  🙂

Millie on the other hand had a meltdown (what’s new?).

Baby Easter Fashion #TargetCrowd
Sunglasses // Dress + Cardigan

Sunday was all about trying on new Easter outfits to make sure they fit for next weekend…plus, I took advantage of the situation for photos for the grandparents.  I’m that mom.

At least Mabel seems to love her sister…currently the only thing she’ll say to Millie is; “Aww, so cute!” and she refers to her as a “he/him”.   Yep, we need to work on grasping the gender the concept…but that’s for another day.

Baby Easter Fashion #TargetCrowd
Millie’s Dress // Mabel’s Hat

Baby Easter Fashion #TargetCrowd

More sisterly forced love:

Baby Easter Fashion #TargetCrowd
Mabel’s Dress // Millie’s Dress

By that point, after some cute photos for the grandparents and my scrapbook…Millie had enough and went to go relax with my husband.  Mabel wasn’t ready to call it a day yet and insisted on going outside for a bit.  Wait…did I mention she’s a ham?

Toddler Spring Fashion #TargetCrowd
Hat // Dress // Bunny Purse // Sandals
Toddler Easter Fashion #TargetCrowd
Bunny Purse // Dress // Hat

I think it’s good to say we’re set to go for Easter and as always = Target for the win!

And what better way to end our weekend than snuggling with a bunny baby?!  Who can resist itty bitty bunny feet? 

Baby Spring Fashion #TargetCrowd
Bunny PJs


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