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Top Reasons Why I Hate Road Trips and Other Drivers

December 31, 2011
On the road…
While driving across the country, I started to compile a list of things that really bug me on the road…haha! Wow, seems like all I do is rant on my posts lately.  Maybe some of you will agree or maybe you won’t…but here I go:
1. Very Old Drivers – Now don’t take this the wrong way.  There are plenty of older people who drive well…I’m talking about those people who shouldn’t be driving but still have their driver’s license.  You know, the older drivers who have no concept of space, swerving from lane to lane, or go 30 in a 60 mph lane.  One lady in her Buick couldn’t stay in her lane and was going super slow.  That’s really dangerous in itself.  Enough said.
2. Texting Drivers – I’ll admit I used to do this all the time, but after living in a state that banned it, I broke my habit.  Most states are now jumping on this bandwagon which I totally agree with.  Not worth dying or killing someone else over texting your friend back something like ‘lol’.
3.  Drivers on Cell Phones – I do this occasionally (even though I know I shouldn’t)…and I think some people are better at multitasking than others.  If you’re going to be on your phone…get in the right/slow lane.  No matter who you are…everyone tends to go slower when on your phone.  Better yet, get a hands-free device (our state requires this) or wait until you take a pit-stop to return or make a call.  🙂
4. Drunk Drivers – I don’t even need to explain why this one is wrong.  We saw some guy the other night swerving all over the road.  I just don’t feel like I need to die because of someone’s stupidity.
5.  People Who Stay in the Left Lane – these people are the people that my husband and I like to call ‘left lane bandits’.  They like to go slow and then speed up and then slow down…sometimes making it impossible to pass them.  Grrr!  I don’t care if you don’t want to use cruise control, just don’t hog the left lane while you’re doing it.
6.   Billboards – This is more specifically directed towards those for ‘gentleman’s clubs’.  Haha!  They are just soooo tacky and there are a ton of them in Louisiana!
7. Stupid Personal Crap on Cars – This includes naked women mud-flaps and those horrible plastic testicles that people like to hang from the back of their SUVs or trucks…you know what I’m talking about???  This also includes this chick that I saw driving on our way to Texas with “So-and-so’s (the quarterback of a major college football team) future wife”.  Lol, he has no idea who you are and will probably not marry you.  Therefore…don’t write it on your car.
Got anything I missed?  Let me know.
I promise to be in a better mood tomorrow!  🙂
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