Weekend Roundup – 9/9/12

Another weekend that went by way too fast!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Mabel spent some time in the laundry basket.  I woke up (Hubby got up early with her so that I could sleep in) and this is what I saw (photo above).  Haha!  She seemed pretty happy and content…so who am I to judge his parenting skills, lol!  AND those were clean clothes she was sitting in that just needed to be folded.  : )
  • Watched Step Brothers for the millionth time…it never gets old.  “Why are you so sweaty?”…”Because I was watching cops”.
  • Spent way too much money on fall Scentsy bars (and will buy more when the holiday scents come out next Saturday).  I’m beginning to think this whole Scentsy endeavor of mine might not have been a great idea since all of my money goes right back to them since I can’t stop buying stuff for myself!
  • Began a new skin care regime – ordered some stuff that I can’t wait to try and found my Clarisonic that I hadn’t used since right before I got married.  And now I’m kicking myself for not using it since I now remember how much I loved it!
  • Bought some makeup from Ulta and Sephora and brushes from Sigma online last night after watching a bunch of YouTube makeup tutorials.  Next goal is try try to achieve Taylor Swift’s signature eye makeup and I’m telling you…it’ll probably be an epic fail on my behalf!
  • Sold 3 quilts over the past week and worked on sewing one that has to go out by Tuesday…I’m a busy bee!
  • Started cleaning the house and began the countdown until my in-laws come to visit in a few weeks.  Can’t wait for Mabel to see her grandparents again!

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