Welcome to Pregnancy Week 23

I am writing this to you all at around 5am.  Lol, what am I doing up at 5am on a Saturday?!  Well, I woke up for the normal 3:30am bathroom break (yep, my bladder apparently still can’t hold too much and I guess won’t be able to until Baby Girl is born) and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  You know, those kind of nights where you just lay in bed with a million thoughts in your head when you’d rather still be sleeping.  Ugh!  So what better to do with my time than to go downstairs and post a blog.  🙂
At 23 weeks, Baby Girl is now able to hear outside of the womb.  She’s getting used to sounds such as the vacuum, a loud tv, or even our Pugs barking, lol!  Poor Baby Girl, ha.  🙂  I even read that her perception of movement is developing so that if I’m listening to music, I can dance and she’ll feel it.  I’m pretty excited about her getting to hear music and I’m tempted to buy these headphones created just for pregnant women’s bellies:  Belly Buds.
BellyBuds – taken from Amazon.com
They seem pretty neat to me and the starter package is priced right at around $50 bucks.  They come with reusable sticky pads that adhere to your belly and project sound into the womb (at a safe volume).  I’m still doing my research to see if they are worth buying (I research everything like it’s my job) and I’ll let you know if I buy them.
As for the rest for my weekend, Hubby and I are going to hopefully get some things done around the house.  Not sure exactly what that will consist of but probably some more unpacking (yeah, I said it, we’re still unpacking from our move in July) and maybe painting.
I’m already feeling like I’ll need a nap today!
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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Pregnancy Week 23

  1. Lil Abraham says:

    Bellybuds are a great product! It's a great way to bond with the baby, especially when you use their Voiceshare feature to record and download messages for the baby. Plus, extra adhesives in the box make them last longer too! Congrats and good luck 🙂

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