Which Pug is the Guilty One?

Somebody snuck into the nursery while I was taking a snack break in between painting walls.  Can you figure out which one is the culprit?
Tater – Sweet and Always Hungry
Bruce – Young and Sneaky
Hint = Look for turquoise.
Bingo…you should know who decided to lean against the wet paint in the nursery…

5 thoughts on “Which Pug is the Guilty One?

  1. Modern Momma says:

    Haha! Bruce totally framed himself! My husband tried to scrub the blue off of him and I think some of it is just stuck until it comes off on its own. Poor little guy…but maybe he's on to something, he got his hair highlighted with funky colors. 🙂

  2. Alex & Malisa says:

    Sooo cute! I love dogs. They are the best. My husband and I have a miniature schnauzer named Pebbles. She's our baby =). Do you have any other pets?? We have a Beta fish too named Flynn. =)

  3. Modern Momma says:

    All we have are Tater (4 1/2 years old) and Bruce (1 1/2 years old). I want a Beta but my husband keeps putting it off, lol. He's telling me I'll have my hands full come this February.

  4. Lea says:

    They are so cute!
    The small one looks a lot like my black pug(she is 1,5 years old)
    pugs are the most wonderful dogs! I cuddle and play with mine everyday – they are so much fun.

    I hope i feel the baby kick soon as well.

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