Why Don’t Men Read Directions?

January 14, 2012

Finally I started feeling better from my head cold and got all excited to start putting together some baby stuff.   At the top of my list was the Pack and Play.  Feeling all lovey and mushy, I asked my Hubby to put it together.  I thought it would be a pretty impressive sight to see my man putting together the Pack and Play for our daughter…maybe I should have thought twice.

So, I’m on the couch watching him dump all the contents of the box onto the carpet, quickly unwrapping things and discarding tags.  Well, being a woman…I knew better than this.  Yep, there are some things I just jump right into and don’t read the instructions….BUT….when it comes to baby items I ALWAYS read directions since I don’t want to create a death trap for my child.  So, I told him to find the directions and hand them over.

As I was reading, I looked over to see him with two bars that had foam wrapped around them…and not cheap foam, but soft squishy foam.  I told him to hold up and let me read before he ripped it off, and went back to reading.  I heard a rip, looked up, and once again told him to stop for a sec.  “Ah, it’s okay…I already ripped it off the other one.”  UGH!  Why does it make it okay if you ripped it off the first one??  And as he said it, I turned the page and saw in bold letters:  DO NOT REMOVE FOAM.  Yep, another point for me.


Hubby’s Handiwork

Safe to say, being a man, the last thing you want is your 34 week pregnant (well, I’ll be 34 weeks in a matter of hours) and overly emotional wife yelling at you because you didn’t listen to her in the first place.  Let me say this again…I WAS RIGHT!  He quickly wheeled the half assembled Pack and Play into the other room and scanned the instruction booklet to somehow try to get himself out of the doghouse.  “Look, you can call and order new parts.  It’ll be okay”…okay, sure honey.  Wait until Graco tells you how much those replacement parts are gonna cost us.

If only he would have listened….or at least read the directions.


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    January 14, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Men! My husband has been installing our kitchen cabinets….. You don't even want to know. 😉

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