Workin’ On My Fitness – Postpartum Workout

I’ve been doing little things here and there, like walking, sit-ups and squats, but I finally got my booty in gear today to begin a real workout program (or at least I tried).  I’m afraid that the longer I put off working out (I honestly hate working out) the harder it’s going to be to get back to ‘Pre-Baby Morgan’.
Pre-Baby Me
 Yeah, I know I look a tad hoochie in this pic but it was from almost exactly a year ago right before I went out on my bachelorette party.  My 1 year wedding anniversary was actually yesterday!  This is the body I want back!
SO, I recently bought the Brazil Butt Lift dvd set from Beachbody to start burning off some of this baby weight.  Seems like these last 10 pounds are gonna be tricky to drop!
Woo Hoo…there’s hope!
This is what happened today:
I popped the DVD into the player and on came the workout!  Mabel seemed happy in her swing for the time being, but little did I know that there’s no workout like a workout with a baby…haha!  I got about 5 minutes into it when Mabel started crying…the easy solution was giving her a pacifier.  Then right after unpausing the workout, she spit it out and began crying again.  That little baby seemed to be doing it on purpose!  🙂  This happened a handful of times.  Finally, I think she got tired after playing the game of ‘let me spit the pacifier out and wait until mommy comes over to me to fix it’ and this is what I saw:
Mommy wins again!
Back to the workout…well, at least half of the workout.  I didn’t make it all the way through.  And no, it wasn’t Mabel’s fault.  I’m just utterly out of shape.  And 15 minutes into the workout my thighs felt like jello and I could no longer do squats (and that’s pretty much the entire dvd).
My goal…make it at least a minute longer tomorrow!  ; )

Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

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5 thoughts on “Workin’ On My Fitness – Postpartum Workout

  1. Ashley TeBeest says:

    What was your exercise life while pregnant? I am 19 weeks tomorrow and am trying anything to get myself to go to Zumba or Yoga. Ahhh!

  2. Erin McDade says:

    I'm on day 20 of the P90X program. Go BeachBody! And I don't think I've ever made it through a workout video without having to pop a pacifier back in little Josephine's mouth at least 5 times! I just explain to her as politely as possible that she would rather go shopping with a fit and pretty mommy, than a giggly one! She'll understand when she's older. 🙂 Help another momma out and check out my blog!

  3. Akma says:

    Hi there!
    I just got the Dvds as well. im three months post c-section and finally got the ok to start working out. I was curious to know which of the workouts you would start with as a new mom and came across your blog 🙂 so which dvd did you start with? And good luck!!

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