Yep, My Home Smells Lovely

I’m going to start this post off by telling you straight up that I’m an Independent Scentsy Consultant but also know that I loved Scentsy way before I sold it and I love it sooooo much that I don’t care who you buy it from (you can find a local consultant in your area here)…I just want to spread the word if you don’t already know about it.  I’ve also never done a post about it, so I figured why not?

What’s Scentsy?…basically a whole line of home fragrance and even some personal fragrance products (like lotions and body wash).  My personal favorites are the wax bars and warmers (all electric and no flames!) so I’m going to show you one of my plugins and how it works!  😉

This is the Crinkle Plugin (there are soooo many other designs and stand alone warmers) and how it shows up to your door:

scentsy warmer and box

Super simple…just a warmer base and a light-bulb!

scentsy plugin and light bulb

What the plugin looks like off vs. on:

off on

And this is an example of a wax bar in the Newborn Nursery scent (I’ll use this for an hour in Mabel’s nursery just to freshen it up).

Newborn Nursery scent

And to warm it, just break off one bar and pop it in the warmer (note:  I changed the wax to a different scent, Luna, so that you could see it better):

just one cube

And ta-da…your room starts smelling great in just about 15 minutes!  The wax in the photo below is only halfway melted…it will completely melt but I was too impatient while taking photos, lol!

halfway melted

You only need to break off one square, it’s powerful enough for your whole room!  And each square will last about 8 hours…so a whole bar will last around 64 hours (pretty good for only $5!).  Plus, I only leave mine on for an hour at a time and the scent will last for the rest of the day.

Now, I don’t want to sit here and sound all salesy…but I just really can’t get enough of my warmers and wax.  😉  If you want to earn free Scentsy and 1/2 priced items (this month only hostesses will earn double 1/2 point rewards!) you should think about hosting an online party!  Get in touch with me or any other consultant to find out how!

Want to get in touch with me?  Here’s my Independent Scentsy Consultant FB page (I’m on it all of the time!) and here is my Indpendent Scentsy Consultant page.

Please, if you have any questions about anything Scentsy related, leave them in the comment section or my FB page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

3 thoughts on “Yep, My Home Smells Lovely

  1. Christina Loredo says:

    Do you use only one cube for the large stand-alone warmers too? I put in 2-3 and leave them in for at least a week – looks like I could be much more efficient! P.S. Got the future in-laws one for Christmas, and they are already hooked too!

    • Morgan says:

      Yep, just one. Well, for most scents. It depends on how big your room is and how strong the scent is. Some of the lighter bars, two cubes work better…but I had another consultant tell me to try only one cube and to me, it smelled the same as two. And that’s great because you can extend the life of your bar! Also, never add a new cube to one that’s already been melting a while. It’ll dilute the new one and it won’t be as strong.
      Lol, did you get them Vanilla Suede? I’ve been hooked on that one after you told me about it!

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