Zulugrass – Jewelry That Gives Back

A Maasai woman cutting the grass to make beads (left). A Massai woman holding finished stands of Zulugrass (right).

  Being the accessory addict that I am, I recently found out about Zulugrass and immediately fell in love because of what it stands for an how it gives back to the community of women that create it.  I can’t stay away from multi-use items (which you’ll know if you watched my baby-buys vlogs!) and products that ‘give back’.  And Zulugrass fits both of those categories!

  Let me give you a little history, Zulugrass was created by Philip and Katy Leakey after wanting to give back to the Maasai community in which the live near.  After a severe drought ended in 2001, the Maasai community in Kenya had been devastated economically.  Both Philip and Katy figured they could help by creating a jewelry line that incorporated the beading skills of the Maasai women by incorporating a natural resource, drought resistant grass that grew all around them.  The grass, after being dried and cut into smaller pieces was hollow, strong, and could be dyed to any color.  Mixing the grass with Czech glass beads created what is now called Zulugrass.  A unique piece of jewelry that creates jobs and boosts the economy for the Maasai people.

Wear a lot or a few! I have on five strands in the large photo and two in the smaller photo.

Zulugrass is beaded onto strong elastic strands (that were originally created for the movie Spiderman!) which will stretch to wrap around your wrist to make a layered bracelet (like I did in the picture above).  You can wear a single strand of Zulugrass in over 50 different ways (necklace, hair tie, anklet, belt…), so there are endless opportunities to accessorize your outfit, which I LOVE.  Also there are over 80 color combinations to pick from.  Lastly, the jewelry is Fair Trade certified and an environmentally sustainable product. ; )

A Maasai Woman Handcrafting the Zulugrass

So how does Zulugrass give back?  It first and foremost has created jobs for the women of the Maasai community.  Also, a percentage of the sales go towards creating more educational opportunities and health benefits for the Maasai people.  This has been such a popular endeavor that there is actually a waiting list of Maasai communities that want to participate in creating Zulugrass.

Lastly, I really appreciate that at the moment Zulugrass is also helping to benefit wounded service members by teaming up with Freedom is Not Free.  From now until Labor Day, every purchase of a Veterans Support Yellow Ribbon Bracelet will have a percentage of its price go towards helping wounded service members and their families.  Being a military spouse, this makes me pretty happy.

   Check out Zulugrass from The Leakey Collection to see all the options and even more beautiful jewelry.

Maasai Women Working on Zulugrass


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*I was given a sample of Zulugrass to review.  All opinions are completely honest and my own.  I would not review a product if I didn’t truly believe in it!  🙂 .*

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