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    June’s Book Choice

    For Mother’s Day this year my husband got me a Kindle Fire HD.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled! My nerd admission…I love to read, always have…always will.  I was the…

  • healthy living life

    I Have No Follow-Through

    I have no follow-through when it comes to working out…and I give up fairly quick on trying to eat better.  There…I said it.  But that’s about to change! I’ve always been…

  • life

    The CEO Said What?!

    The past few days my Facebook news feed has been flooded with friends posting about this place: And my friends were posting more specifically about controversial comments that Abercrombie’s CEO, Mike…

  • First time in a swing

    Another First: It’s Swing Time!

    We’ve been wanting to buy Mabel a swing for several months now but my husband decided to act on it this past weekend without telling me.  The main problem that delayed…

  • life

    Our Anniversary In DC – Part 2

    It’s been several weeks since our anniversary trip to Washington DC so I’ve decided to finally follow up the Part 1 post with Part 2.  🙂 We spent a total of…

  • life

    Weekend Roundup (4/28/13)

    Our weekend started on Saturday morning with Mabel sitting in a bin. I promise you that the room had been tidy until Little Miss Mabel decided it was really fun to…