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  • Motherhood vlog

    Happy Friday!

    Mabel just wanted to wish you all a happy Friday.  😉 I’ve been slacking on vlogs with her so this will have to do until next week.  I’m taking the weekend…

  • Target and Zulily Haul
    reviews vlog

    VLOG – Target and Zulily Haul

    I’m finally getting back into vlogging since that’s where I got my start before creating this blog! Check out my channel if you haven’t gotten the chance to and don’t forget…

  • Mabel in her new Croc sandals
    Motherhood vlog

    17 Month Update Vlog

    Yep, this little girl is 17 months old today! And I finally dusted off the video camera and actually did a vlog!  Please pardon the bad editing… Now I know there…

  • Motherhood vlog

    Mabel Takes Her First Steps

    Today was the day…Mabel started walking! She’s just a day shy of turning 11 months and first began walking with a walker in December.  She’s been pulling up on furniture and…