Mabel Thinks Bruce the Pug is Hilarious

Mabel and Bruce

Mabel loves our pugs and I haven’t ever been fast enough to catch her reaction to them on video yet…but last night Mabel decided she wanted to be a pug too.

*Shaking my head*

The child crawled over to Bruce who was playing with his stuffed toy.  Then she bent down, bit his toy and tried to pull it away with her mouth.  My husband was cracking up and I was just thinking…’She thinks she’s a pug’….omg.  Should I think it’s funny or be mortified?

I’m gonna go with funny.

Though I wasn’t quick enough to capture that whole incident, I was able to film the little round of fun the two of them had next.  Mabel apparently thinks Bruce is HILARIOUS.  She squeals and thinks it’s super fun to take his toys from him…which honestly he seems to enjoy.  And don’t worry…he’s gentle with her.  🙂


Her laughs made my evening. 🙂


*Got a second to click?*

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