Stitch Fix #4

Stitch Fix #4 arrived today!

Don’t know what Stitch Fix is?  It’s a really neat fashion subscription service that will send you clothes, picked by a personal stylist to try on at your home with your own shoes and accessories.  Don’t worry, it’s doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!  Only a $25 styling fee that goes towards any item(s) you decide to keep.  If you decide not to keep an item, just mail it back to them in the pre-paid envelope that’s included in the box.  Super easy and you can pop it into your mailbox…no extra trips to the post office!   (All the details on this awesome box can be found on my original Stitch Fix #1 post)

stitch fix review

Pretty new logo and all!

stitch fix info

stitch fix review
My lovely stylist Margaret. 🙂

stitch fix review

I was a bit lazy today and since it wasn’t a hair and makeup day I decided it was best to spare you all and crop my head out of them.  😉

Stitch fix clothing review

//1 – Tulle Faxon Floral Print Blouse:  not me…the print or the style!  Plus the way that it flared out at my hips didn’t do me any favors!  Not a fan of shirts that make me look wider than I am.  This is headed back to Stitch Fix.

//2 – Collective Concepts Pleated Shoulder Blouse:  This wasn’t too bad.  I liked the navy blue color but I didn’t like the pleats on the shoulders, I felt like it made me look boxy/bigger…and it was a tad masculine.  Not keeping this either.

//3 – Willow and Clay Collins Striped Knit Blazer:  I love Willow and Clay and the blazer was a great fit/cut.  But I don’t need anymore blazers (if you remember I kept a Willow and Clay blazer for Fix #2).  Sad to say I couldn’t keep this either.

//4 – Matty M Drape Front Cardigan:  Normally I LOVE longer cadigans…but this one flared too much at the hips and all the extra fabric made me look too hippy.  I prefer not to look like a pear…so this cardigan isn’t staying with me.

And here was the keeper out of this box:

stitch fix star scarf

//5 – Pretty Persuasions Star Print Scarf:  I’ve been wanting to get a scarf for a long time now and this was just too cute to pass up.  I love the stars!  I have it wrapped around my neck but it’s actually a really long, straight scarf…so I can wear it multiple ways.

What did I learn from fix #4?  Leave specific notes about what I want for each fix.  That way my stylist has a better idea of what will make me happy!  And tell them not to send anything that flares out at the waist/hips.

Ready to try Stitch Fix out…click here to request your invite!

***And be sure to checkout all my other Stitch Fix posts here :)

Have you already gotten a ‘fix’?  Let me know what you got!  And if you did a blog post, link it up in the comment section so I can see!  🙂

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