Mabel Takes Her First Steps

first steps
Taking her first steps. 🙂

Today was the day…Mabel started walking!

She’s just a day shy of turning 11 months and first began walking with a walker in December.  She’s been pulling up on furniture and cruising around the house with the aid of the table and couch for a while but we noticed that just over the past 3-4 days she’s been standing on her own.  As in pushing up and standing completely by herself in the middle of the carpet.  And then today…her first steps!

I’m one proud momma!

I don’t have her actually walking on tape yet but that hasn’t been for the lack of trying today, lol!  It seems that whenever I pull out the camera, she just wants to crawl or she’s more obsessed with the camera instead of focusing on walking.  Apparently walking takes a ton of focus at this age.  😉

But…I do have a video from last night where my husband was helping her get around the family room:

I think this actually helped her get the feel of walking and gave her a bit of confidence to try it on her own? Who knows?

Such a silly Mabel.

I’ll post a walking video as soon as she’ll let me film one…so stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Mabel Takes Her First Steps

  1. Brittany says:

    This makes me want to cry. My son is already pulling up and standing, and to see her walking and knowing he is just a few months away 🙁 go Mabel!!! (my son was born june 6th)

  2. noel says:

    Yay a walker!! I love watching them hobble around when they’re just learning! It’s funny because even though Rae’s been walking for a few months, still when she gets tired, she gets so clumsy and falls down constantly. Just stumbles every where like she’s drunk!! The funniest thing…and I had one video of her when she was first taking steps and it includes a major head hitting the floor fail….so it’s sort of a happy/sad video.

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