Free Online Workouts For Women Who Don’t Have a Lot of Time

List of free online 10 minute or less workouts. Great for busy moms/women!

I’ve already spent a ton of money on DVD workout programs only to be discouraged by their length of 45 minutes plus.  Now, that might not sound like a long time to some of you…but to me, I never have enough time consecutively to get through one of those workouts!  Either the baby wakes up from her nap early, I need to be working on an item for my Etsy shop, dinner needs to be made, a blog post needs to be posted, laundry needs to be done…the list never ends! 

Those lovely workout DVDs just sit by my DVD player never getting played.

I get discouraged because I’m not getting any fitter…

And then I end up not working out since I feel overwhelmed at the idea that I’m never going to get my pre-baby body back.

Honestly, I don’t have a ton to lose but my tummy is nothing like it was before Mabel and nothing bounces back like before I was pregnant.  Shoot…before I had a kid, if I just did 50 situps one day my abs would look amazing when I woke up the next morning! Now…not so much.

So…I’ve been determined to change this lack of working out and find a way that would better fit my crazy and unpredictable schedule.

The answer = shorter workouts that are around 10 MINUTES OR LESS!

You know that awkward amount of time that you don’t know what to do with after you’ve done the laundry, picked up all the kids’ toys, fixed your hair and then realized you only have about 15 minutes before your kiddo(s) wakes up?  That’s the perfect time to fit one of these super speedy workouts in!  Just push the coffee table out of the way and set your laptop somewhere that you can view the online workout videos!

AND after fitting in at least one or two short workouts a day, I feel proud that I actually accomplished something since my body hurts (a good hurt!) the next day.  Hey, 10 minutes is better than nothing, right?!  Then I’m motivated to do it again tomorrow…and then the next day…and the next.

After doing a few short workouts a day for the past week, I’m already seeing a change and feeling better about myself!

How do you find these short workouts?  Simple…I’ve listed a handful of the ones I do below.

And the best part?  They are all FREE (and legal!)!  You also don’t need any equipment for any of the videos but the arm videos.  You’ll need hand weights for those…or you can use soup cans!  🙂

*I tried to include a variety since not all videos might be what you like or might be too easy or hard.  Most of the videos I’m still modifying or have to take little breaks during some of the reps.  I’ll get better over time!*

Just be patient and listen to your body!

And if you want to…Pin this post to make it easier to find later and possibly to help some other momma who might need some motivation!

*You can make the videos full screen after pressing play and then clicking the full screen button at the bottom right of the video*


Legs/Thighs and Butt




Are there any online workouts that you love?  Please post them in the comment section!

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One thought on “Free Online Workouts For Women Who Don’t Have a Lot of Time

  1. Micaela says:

    I LOVE short little workouts like this! I use the Free Daily Workouts app. Just prop up your iPad or phone and it’s right there. 🙂

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