12 Weeks – Baby is the Size of a Plum!

Today was exactly 12 weeks!  I only have one more week until I’m in my second trimester and I’m super excited!  I feel like I can kind of relax now knowing that the first trimester is almost over!  Anyway, according to my ticker on the forums…Baby is the size of a plum.  I just think it’s super neat that it has grown so much over just 3 months.
Today’s other big achievement is that I am finally setting up the bonus room in our house into my sewing room…well storage/sewing room, ha!  I got my brand new Janome sewing machine two days ago and have been shopping for odds and ends today.  I didn’t realize how expensive it was to actually start the hobby of sewing!  I also bought some fabric online, got it in the mail yesterday and will be starting on a baby quilt hopefully tomorrow.  Now, I’m not expecting anything amazing, but I figured it would be good practice.  I’ll take pics, whether good or bad, and post for you all to see.
Stay tuned…

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