Intelligender Says We’re Having a….

But, I’m not sure how much I believe this little test.  I took this last week around 10 1/2 weeks and if it was such a good predictor, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have caught on with more women yet.  Plus, it’s got a 50/50 chance to begin with right?  Lol!  It was more for entertainment value than me believing what it says.  Don’t worry…I’m not planning on going out and buying nothing but boy things!
As for finding out gender for sure…I’m impatient (partially why I took this silly test) so instead of waiting for the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, I booked a private ultrasound gender scan at 17 weeks at a little place outside of Philadelphia (I’ll update you all when the time comes…hopefully I’ll be able to recommend the ultrasound place to you all if anyone happens to live somewhere around me!)  The man who runs the ultrasound place gives a 99% accuracy rating at 17 weeks..that’s why we’re waiting until 17 weeks rather than going in early and finding out the wrong gender.
UPDATE SEPTEMBER  25, 2011 – Intelligender was wrong…we are having a girl!  🙂

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  1. *S* says:

    I've known people on JM who have had the intelligender be correct. I took one just before I miscarried and it said girl, and the psychics have all told me I was carrying a girl, so who knows! Definitely keep us posted!

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