I Forgot to Post the Pic of Dinner!

As you all know, I attempted my crock pot meal for the first time the other day.  I posted the pic of what dinner started off as…so here is what it ended up as:
Now you’re probably thinking it looks bland…but it was pretty good!  I think next time I’m going to try adding a few more spices.  It was just a very hearty meal…which my husband loved!
I also know I was promising and video update…and I must apologize since I’ve just been super lazy this week!  If I were to make one tomorrow…it would be so close to 12 weeks, I may as well wait a few days 😉
Stay tuned…I bought a sewing machine and plan on making baby things…which I’m sure to post on here…I might even make an Etsy shop if the stuff actually turns out nicely…who knows?!

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