2013 is Here!

Happy New Year!  I actually made it to midnight…and it’s already 1am as I’m typing this.  I had too much soda to go to sleep.


Anyway, surprisingly Mabel was awake to experience her first New Year’s countdown.  She had passed out at 6:30 and then woke up at 11:57 wanting her bottle…so I got to spend my last few minutes of 2012 stroking her hair and looking into her sweet little eyes.  Greatest way to end a year. ever.

This will be my first full year as a momma…and I’m super stoked (why do I for some reason think of Keanu Reeves when I say the word stoked?)!

Hello 2013!

It wouldn’t be a new year if I didn’t come up with two resolutions for myself:

*Get Myself (and my home) Organized

I’m not setting an unobtainable goal like wanting to become the next Martha Stewart, just something simple to help clean out the house:  Every week I’ll get rid of, recycle, or donate 4-5 items that I no longer use.

Simple as that!  The items don’t have to be big, they can be something as insignificant as a magazine that has been on the table for the past month.  I figure that will help reduce some clutter and by the time we move again, I won’t have accumulated as much.

*Continue to Eat Healthier and Workout

I’m Fergalicious
My body stay vicious
I be up in the gym
Just workin’ on my fitness

Haha!  I’m not ‘Fergalicious’ but that’s what popped into my head as I was typing and at 1am I’m not really good at filtering what I’m writing.  Oh and I probably won’t be hitting up a gym either…just my workout dvds and some laps around the neighborhood.  Lol, I’m just keeping it real because who am I trying to kid?

So yeah, I’m eating better (no more eating out a ton), using my juicer, and stop letting my husband bring home candy and junk food that’s going to tempt me!  In 2013, this chica will be stronger than that!  I’m also setting a goal for myself to be more active and to stick to it!  I always get on a ‘fitness kick’ and a week later it’s faded out…but not this year!  I’m bound and determined!  And I’ve already proven it since I’ve been juicing (for breakfast at least) for two weeks now!  Woo hoo!

And I have a few resolutions for the blog:

*I plan on getting a new design (nothing wrong with the current one, I’m just wanting something new!)
*Fine tune my writing and continue to grow
*Reintroduce ‘sponsors’ to my blog – I stopped doing sponsors since I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to dedicate to them…but this year I really want to do more to help my fellow bloggers out!  😉

I guess that’s all…pretty short and sweet and now it’s almost 2am and I’m heading to bed!

What are some New Year’s Resolutions that you’ve decided to set for yourself?  I’d love to hear them!

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