27 Weeks – Goodbye 2nd Tri!

27 weeks pregnant

I hope you’ll excuse the fact that this post is just about a week late…it’s been a busy week.  🙂

Not only is today my last day in the second trimester with this little baby, it’s my birthday too.  I guess that’s a perfect way to kiss the second tri adios!

Goodbye second trimester…hello third trimester.

I feel over the past week, I’ve gotten a lot rounder in my belly (but seriously, my hips and butt need to get the word that they can stop getting rounder too, lol).  And I’ve gotta say that this pregnancy has been going by a lot faster than the first.  I guess that’s gotta be attributed to chasing a toddler around and not having a spare second to try to prepare for this new little one.

Leaving the second trimester is also a little bittersweet.  This will probably be our last pregnancy…two is quite enough and the second isn’t even here yet!  I’m such a grump while being pregnant (and let’s not forget completely uncomfortable), it’s probably the best for everyone, ha!  But optimistically speaking…woohoo…only 13 weeks left EVER for maternity clothes!!!

Symptom wise:  I’m swollen…my rings stopped fitting this week (it wasn’t until December when my rings stopped fitting with Mabel) and my feet/ankles seem to be a little puffier.  Good times.  Also, I’m already in a fair amount of discomfort while sleeping (but I found a miracle pregnancy pillow that I’ll be posting about shortly that’s helped a ton!), I wake up to pee 3 times a night, and I’m completely exhausted.  But that’s all to be expected right?

Oh one last thing…I think we’ve picked a name!  🙂

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