Thanksgiving + Birthday Recap

I was pretty lucky this year that my birthday fell only two days after Thanksgiving…normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal but my husband has been out of town for the past two weeks due to a school/program that he was sent to by the Air Force for his career.  With the holiday falling right by my birthday, he was actually given a few days to come home (which was great since both Mabel and I had been desperate to see him 🙂 ).

I really don’t like to complain about anything but boy is being pregnant with a crazy toddler a challenge!  I miss the days of being pregnant with Mabel when there was no reason I couldn’t just take a nap whenever I wanted…

Moving on…

Thanksgiving was a quiet day.  My father was visiting from Maryland, my husband was home, and Mabel was just happy to be the center of attention.

First there was a dance party…where both Mabel and my husband drummed on the counter tops to some of his random 80’s music on his ipad.


Crazy toddler hair…who cares?  I know when to pick my battles…

While they were goofing off, I was cooking away.  My favorite food of the day had to be the experimental brown sugar ham that was done in my slow cooker!


Juicy and moist.  Everyone approved.  Score a point for me!

Then of course get ready for the obligatory photos of Mabel eating her Thanksgiving food (the many faces of my ham, I mean my toddler).





Now I want you to know I didn’t keep my camera stuck in everyone’s faces all day.  I actually have a family photo at the table with my husband in mid-sentence: “Put the camera down and eat!”  I’ll spare you all that one.

Oh and even Tater tried to get involved…he was really hoping some kind of food scrap would get dropped…and he bet on the tiny human that was most likely to help him achieve his goal.


With Thanksgiving over, my birthday rolled around on Saturday.

I got to say goodbye to year 28 and welcome year 29.  Once again…no shame in my age.  🙂  I might change that tune next year though, I have a feeling that leaving my 20’s might be a tad harder.

Our yearly ritual seems to be that my husband gets me Georgetown Cupcakes sent all the way from DC.  No complaining on my part but I might get an earful from my midwives this week at my next appointment.

Seriously, it’s not fair being pregnant during Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas because extra weight gain is just inevitable.

Get ready to drool:



And yes, they are just as yummy as they look.

My birthday continued with my husband running to Starbucks to surprise me with a Creme Brulee Latte and Mabel with a frosted snowman cookie.  Oh, and Tater was at it again…


And the last thing of the day (I like to keep things quiet and simple, so no going crazy this year) was putting up the Christmas tree.  We have an eclectic tree…everything goes on it including ornaments from both my and my husband’s childhoods and random Mabel ornaments.

BUT Mabel got a little carried away:


A fork and a chicken drumstick…maybe she was hungry?

As for birthday gifts, I normally don’t tell my husband to get me anything.  There are other things more important to spend money on but this year was a bit different.  I told him after him being gone at school for over a month (he had to leave to go back the next day) that I was owed a prenatal massage, facial, and lastly a pedicure.  Hey, pregnant ladies are totally due some pampering whether or not your significant other is away or not!  So come January, I’ll be a happy pregnant lady getting pampered at a spa.  I never get massages, facials or my nails done so it’ll be a special treat.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  What did you end up doing?  Traveling, staying put, shopping?

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