3 More Ways to Boost Self Confidence

A few weeks ago I shared a post on The Beauty of Confidence, discussing how I’ve battled insecurities since I was younger and tips on how I deal with them…and today I’m happy to share my second post in the series; 3 More Ways to Boost Self Confidence. Confidence is always a must, especially for my friends who are cold sore sufferers. Thankfully with Abreva®, they have somewhere to turn for healing.
With the New Year here, who would turn down more confidence? Not me!

Without further adieu, here are 3 more simple ways that I’ve found to help boost self confidence: 

  • Buy yourself a gift. And by this I mean, remind yourself that you’re worth it. Treat yourself to something that will make you feel fabulous. The new pair of jeans that you’ve been eyeing…go for it. A gorgeous eye shadow palette that you know you could rock…get it! When you dress well or wear something that you feel great in, it’s amazing what it will do for your confidence!
  • Think outside the box. Try something new or do something completely outside your norm. Aren’t normally adventurous when it comes to food? Go out and try sushi (which is delicious by the way!). Grab your spouse or a friend and go bowling…most of us haven’t done this since grade school! You’ll be reminded how fun it is even if you’re bad at it, lol! Doing and/or trying something new gives you a sense of accomplishment (even if whatever it is isn’t a perfect fit!) and don’t forget you’ll probably be having a lot of fun at the same time!
  • Be physically active! I’ll admit this is something I’m trying to get better at doing…but get out there and do something! When you workout, you naturally feel better about yourself…not to mention getting healthier is always a good thing too! Go for a run, get a gym membership, do a simple workout dvd. Doesn’t matter what it is, just do something. Your confidence will thank you for it!


What is a confidence booster for you?

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119 thoughts on “3 More Ways to Boost Self Confidence

  1. Madeline says:

    It boosts my confidence when I try something new or practice something that I’m still learning, like ice skating or Parkour.

  2. Amy Tong says:

    My confidence booster is eat well and put on my favorite jeans and heels. 🙂 Love your tips a lot. and the eye shadow pack in your picture is lovely.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  3. Natalie says:

    My confidence booster is registering for and training for running races. I always like to push myself and by finishing races such as marathon, I feel like I can do anything!

  4. Ashley Ianniello says:

    My confidence booster is putting effort into myself, I try to wake up early, get dressed in something I feel good in, make and definitely curling my hair. That alone makes me feel like I stand taller, add a little lipstick, a winged eyeliner and mascara, and feel like anew person!!

  5. Delaney says:

    I feel more confident when my hair is at least kind of fixed. Dry shampoo saves me! I also love getting pedicures but barely ever splurge.

  6. Anastasia Falling says:

    My confidence is boosted when I feel good and when I get dolled up and look good lol 🙂 Also, when my kids say “Mom, you’re awesome!” 😀

  7. Margaret Smith says:

    A confidence booster for me is when I look my best. Having my hair and makeup just right and wearing the right outfit. Thanks so much.

  8. Tomi C says:

    A little red lipstick or a glossy lip gloss are a major confidence booster for me. Something about red lipstick with a hint of gloss that make me feel pretty and confident.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Jeffrey says:

    I’m a runner and a confidence boost for me is finishing a long training run leading up to a marathon. Distance running to me is mostly mental, training is hard but emotions that occur during a race can be very powerful.

  10. Gina M says:

    When I do things to take care of myself, like exercising, eating right, doing my hair and makeup, etc – these types of things always give me a confidence boost.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. Rebecca says:

    To feel the best about myself, I try to eat healthy foods, exercise, and drink lots of water. I feel great when I can do all of those things.

  12. angie says:

    The biggest confidence booster I have is my partner. He builds me up like no other. On my own, I guess a new hair cut or glasses boosts my confidence the most. Shallow but true! hahaha

  13. Betty C says:

    A confidence booster for me is knowing that my clothes fit well and are appropriate for the situation. Right now that’s a dicey area because I’ve lost quite a bit of weight due to illness and I don’t know if I should invest in new clothing or look sloppy for a while until I find out if I’m going to gain the weight back. I hope to stay lighter.

  14. Ellie Wright says:

    I try to look and dress my best and eat well to stay healthy. I feel the most confident when I am fit and healthy.

  15. Kris O. says:

    Fresh air and walking outside is a confidence booster to me. I also love how I look when I get my hair cut and styled.

  16. Terry Stevens says:

    My confidence booster for me is when I am feeling good. I am disabled and have many days where I am not well. But on those days when I feel good, my confidence it out of this world.

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