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31 Weeks – The View From Above

December 21, 2014

31 weeks…the view from above.

31 weeks pregnant belly

So yeah, it might not be the most flattering image but it’s Sunday and I’ve been seriously uncomfortable for about 24 hours.  This little gal feels like she’s packed in my belly at a diagonal angle and stretching out.  My internal organs aren’t a fan…

In other news…some of you might remember my rant from last week about my 4 month old dryer that isn’t working.  And I was even told it’s a ‘first world problem’…yep, trust me I know…but when thinking the dryer isn’t working due to a possible electric issue in your home it’s a tad worrisome since I want to make sure my family is living in a safe home.  Also, when your nesting instinct is in full blast and you want to desperately dry some items that just aren’t the same when hung dry…it’s a problem to have your dryer out of commission.

Long story short, our landlord had some ‘electricians’ come out to check out the laundry room wiring since LG (the makers of our dryer) were telling me that it sounded like a house electric problem and not my dryer.  They came out…and ending up being handymen who called themselves appliance repairmen who also did plumbing and electric (that’s always kinda sketch).  They told me it couldn’t be the house electric if the dryer was actually turning on, didn’t even check the voltage to the dryer, shook the breakers in the breaker box (didn’t even pull them out to check their condition), and told me it was the dryer not the electric.  Okay so someone is lying to me…I have the worst luck with fix-it guys trying to take advantage of me and thinking I’m stupid (remember this post from last year?).

A few days later, I was able to have the LG dryer guy come out…and the first thing he did was test the electric voltage at the wall to the dryer.  Guess what…it was only receiving half the voltage needed.  Apparently I was right and your dryer can power on with half the power BUT the heating element will not work if you don’t have enough voltage.  So what does that mean?  I’m out $80 having to call the dryer guy because the issue should have been fixed when the original ‘electricians’ came out.  After calling our leasing agency/landlord, they are sending out a licensed electrician this time…and hopefully this will all get taken care tomorrow.  I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed it’s a breaker box issue rather than actual wiring in the house/walls.

…and then I’ll be able to happily continue my nesting.

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    Tiffany Morgan
    December 21, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Attach the receipt and take $80 out of next month’s rent!!

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      December 21, 2014 at 6:14 pm

      I totally agree with you! Thankfully our landlord / leasing agency have been very understanding and I think will be crediting us for this extra cost we shouldn’t have had to pay. Our rental home has a home warranty on it, which the landlord bought so you have to go through them to get repairs done (they pick who they send to your house too) and both our landlord and leasing agency told them the guys they originally sent were completely unqualified and should have never come out in the first place.

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