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33 Weeks and A Midwife Update

January 8, 2015

33 weeks and 3 days…

33 weeks pregnant

Closer and closer we get and the finish line is close to being within reach!  Now if only I could say that I was ready for it to be here.  I mean, I’m totally excited to meet this little girl but there is still so much to get done that I’m beginning to think it’s just not.

We had our 33 week appointment yesterday at our birth center.

I read this along the hour and a half drive (another thing that I’m not sure I’ll finish by the time I go into labor).

I met the 4th out of the 5 midwives that could possibly be on call whenever I go into labor.  She might just be my favorite one yet (all have been awesome though).  We discussed herbal supplements and tea that I’ll start taking soon to help prepare for labor and to help ripen my cervix for an easier labor.  Hey, I’ll go along with anything that might help and since I had such an awesome birthing experience with Mabel, I’m open for trying anything that might make this one easier.  I’ll go into more details of what I’m taking when I start for those of you interested.

Mabel got to help take my blood pressure and use the doppler to hear her sister’s heart beat.  She loved it.

I’ve gained a total of 30 pounds and surprisingly I’m perfectly fine with that.  I think this post has finally sunk in and I’m at a happy place with this pregnancy.

My next appointment isn’t until 36 weeks, normally it’s every two weeks by this time but due to our distance from the birth center and trying to time appointments for the Group B Strep test, this was just the best time for us to meet again.

Baby Girl is also officially head down.

33 weeks pregnant

It’s kinda funny that her shirt says ‘i love my sis’ when in reality she has no idea what’s in store for her next month!


And a pic of Mabel for good measure.

Always the epitome of toddler fashion…haha!  Seriously, I love mismatching and crazy clothes on kids (this outfit is tame to things I haven’t posted on the blog, lol!)…I’m probably one of the few people on the internet not dressing their kiddo in hipster style and I’m perfectly happy about that.  My motto is:  she is a kid…she can have fun dressing like a crazy person cause this is pretty much the only time she can do that and get away with it.  Have fun girlfriend!  Plus, there is plenty of time for dressing like an adult when she is one.  😉

Did you do anything in your third trimester to start preparing for labor?  Please share!


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    January 8, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    You look great!!

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    January 8, 2015 at 4:10 pm

    I have recently started following your blog. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow and I am also going to go to a birthing center. My midwife had me start taking Gentle Birth at 35 weeks. I have been trying to sit on a birthing/exercise ball and do pelvic rocks more. I should really be doing squats and walking more too. I can’t think of anything else I am doing differently for the last trimester.

    It’s good to hear you are accepting your weight gain. This is my first and I’ve gained 30 pounds. Hoping to not go above 35 before birth. I have eaten whatever I wanted and not worried about it at all. It’s the one time in my life where I don’t have to feel like I am trying to lose weight. It’s so invigorating to me. It was such a change going through January 1st and not thinking about dieting.

    I also feel that the closer I get, the less prepared we are. I was totally going to pack our bags right after Christmas and that is still on the to do list. I seriously thought we would have everything done by now. Nope.

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    January 8, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    You look adorable! I’ll be 33 weeks on Saturday! It’s my first so not really sure of what I’m doing but I haven’t done much to prepare, just those kegals they tell you to do 🙂

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