No Sleep Till Brooklyn…I Mean 2016

34 weeks and 1 day:

34 weeks and 1 day pregnant - bump photo

So the third trimester has finally given me a good hard smack these past few days…

As in:  sleep is impossible.  I mean, getting up to pee twice a night has been something I’ve dealt with from early on in pregnancy but I’m talking about constant pain waking me up every few hours.  Between insane heartburn (the poor hubs is probably used to the rattle of the Tums bottle in the middle of the night), hip pain and the discomfort of my belly (little Baby Girl loves to be awake all night and I’m hoping it’s not an early sign that I have a night owl on my hands), a good night’s sleep just is no longer something that I see in the near future.  It’s amazing how much you forget from a previous pregnancy!

But it’s just all part of growing another human…there is a light at the end of the tunnel and after last week’s appointment, I was told that I’ll be good to deliver as of February 1st (37 weeks).  Pretty crazy!

Other pregnant lady challenges = my legs and anything to do with them.  Long gone are the days of painting my toes (thank goodness it’s not flip flop season since the polish on my toes is chipped and faded…I see a trip the nail place in my near future).  Shaving my legs…what is that?  Drying my legs off after a shower requires some weird yoga-like move that allows me to bend over since my huge belly is in the way…same goes for applying lotion.  And oh my goodness…putting pants on!  Obviously you can’t go without doing that (it’s too darn cold for a dress/skirt)…so I have a new maneuver:  I take my pants in one hand and kinda swing the pant leg to the leg it’s supposed to go onto.  If it connects = score….if not = try, try again!  Then a weird wall lean so that I can lift my other leg into the other side of the pants and then finish off with a shimmy and shake to get the pants all the way up.  I must look like a mess.  I’m gonna blame it on having a short torso cause I’ve never heard of many ladies having these kinds of issues at 30-34 weeks….or maybe no one admits to it, ha!

34 weeks and 1 day pregnant - bump photo
It was an all black kinda day…they say it slims you, right? Ha!

With that dose of reality, I tried to kick it into full gear this weekend…only thing is that my body didn’t get that memo.  I spent about 4 hours sewing Baby Girl’s new changing pad cover.  Now let me stress that 4 hours was entirely way too long to sew such a simple thing.  BUT it’s a tad hard to sit on the floor measuring and cutting fabric to begin with when you have a giant belly.  Also, standing over an ironing board and sitting hunched over at sewing machine isn’t a terribly great idea for long periods of time.  So yes…I was moving at a snail’s pace.

**There will be a tutorial posted in the near future for those of you interested in sewing your own changing pad cover.

Anyway…the changing pad got done…which many of you have already seen on FB and Instagram (sorry for making you look at it a million times!).

baby girl diy nursery in progress

If the dresser looks familiar…it is.  It was in Mabel’s nursery and we decided to use it in Baby Girl’s room since it’s more practical for a nursery.  Mabel ended up getting two older dressers that my husband had as a kid and we’ll be doing some DIY work on them to pretty them up.  I’ll share whenever they get finished.

After finishing my sewing, all seemed relatively fine and dandy until that night…when I got payback from my body for not taking a break.  I felt like I had pretty much thrown out my back and had something severely pinching in my left hip every time I took a step.  And because of that, I was pretty much out of commission for getting anything done on Sunday.  Lesson learned.

Pregnancy – 1 (well probably a lot higher than that by now).  Me = 0.

3 thoughts on “No Sleep Till Brooklyn…I Mean 2016

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant and experiencing a lot of the same symptoms especially back hip and pelvis pain. You should try going to a chiropractor it makes such a huge difference for me . It even helps with my heart burn.

    • Morgan says:

      I’ve been wanting to but haven’t gotten around to it. 🙂 I know our insurance doesn’t cover any chiropractic care so I’m trying to figure out how much out of pocket it would be.

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