Conversations As Of Late

Mabel Roar

With Mabel speaking non-stop (you’d never know she was a late talker) our house has been abuzz with chit-chat that just leaves me scratching my head.  And the best part?  My husband is guilty of some of these convos…

Dinner Plans –
Husband:  *on the computer looking up the menu for a local restaurant*  “Hey Morgan, what do you want to eat tonight?”
Mabel: *shoves herself in front of the computer*  “I likeah pizza…I likeah chicken wings!”
Me:  “How do you know what chicken wings are?!”  (We’ve never had chicken wings in this house with her.)

Toilet Paper Obsession –
Me:  *after walking into the bathroom to find a whole roll of toilet paper unrolled and shoved into the toilet bowl*  “MABEL…what is this?!  We DO NOT put this much toilet paper into the toilet!”
Mabel:  “Momma, calm down….relax.  Just calm down.”  All with hand motions (the same exact ones I use when her telling her to calm down).

Bedtime Shenanigans –
Mabel*crying hysterically at bed time*…for 30 minutes.  Finally settled down and went to sleep after her father read her a few books.
Husband:  *After coming out from her room…he looks at me and says*: “I think she just needed to cry.  You know, kinda like how you have to when you’re stressed.”
Me:  “What the heck?!  Pregnancy hormones are serious business…

Target Checkout –
Mabel had been wanting to get out of the cart since we were almost done…
Checkout Woman:  “Hi little lady!  How are you today?!”
Mabel: *total sourpuss look on her face*  “I’m not hoppy (happy)!”  *big pout*
Checkout Woman:  “Hey, well at least you’re honest.”

Not so much a convo…
Mabel knows pretty much all the words to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bubble Guppies…and how dare you if you try to sing along with her.  She’ll blast you the look of death and screech until you stop.  Hmm…maybe I just have a really bad singing voice and she doesn’t think it’s up to vocal expectations.

I know we are just in the beginning of this funny toddler convo exchange with her…so I’m sure there will be more gems in the future (and I’m sure some scenarios that will genuinely embarrass me too).

What’s the funniest/craziest thing your kiddo has said to you?!

2 thoughts on “Conversations As Of Late

  1. Christina Stirneman says:

    So cute!!! You are looking great… hope these last few weeks of pregnancy go as smoothly and comfortably as possible for you. We are thinking about you guys and can’t wait to meet baby girl 2!!!!

    P.S. I need a glitter shirt like Mabel’s!

  2. Elliotica says:

    Kids do say the darnedest things lol. My daughter is a week older than Mabel & I’ve found myself having similar convos. The craziest thing I’ve been told is “Mommy,chill out or time out.” This toddler stage is fun lol Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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