34 Weeks Pregnant – Belly Picture and Vlog Update

34 Weeks…I honestly can’t believe that we are almost at the finish line! I’m ready to meet this little girl and I’m ready to have my lungs back (no baby legs crushing me and making it hard to breathe!)
Here’s the latest belly pic:
Notice the nice shirt paired with comfy yoga pants…I’ve given up!
And here is the most recent vlog update:
I know…it looks like I’m preparing myself to be the new Dr. Pepper spokesperson.  😉
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2 thoughts on “34 Weeks Pregnant – Belly Picture and Vlog Update

  1. Leslie says:

    Dont feel bad, I am currently 30 weeks and as soon as I come in the door, jeans are off and comfy PJ pants or yoga pants are ON 😀

  2. Pregnant With #3 says:

    Aw almost there, I promise when she drops down it will be a bit easier on the lungs. It was for me with my past 2 pregnancies. Your video was awesome as always but the video thumbnail is funny :D.

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