Pregnancy Week 34 – Part 2 – Midwife Appointment

Here is the latest vlog update for you all! I forgot to mention that my weekly appointments will begin next week. 🙂 Also, next week I have my Strep B test done and my first internal exam. I don’t expect to have any effacement or dilation (are those the correct terms, lol??) since I’ll only be 35 weeks! I just have a gut feeling that even though this little girl’s due date is February 25th, she won’t arrive until March! I’m honestly ready to not be pregnant and want to meet her badly…but if she’s determined to stay in a little longer, then so be it! I want to make sure she’s completely ready and I believe babies know when they are supposed to be born!  No induction for this momma (unless she’s a 42 week no-show!)!
What a great thumbnail picture for my video once again!

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