5 Tips to Smart Parenting

As always, here’s my little blurb about this being a sponsored post for Huggies.  All tips and opinions are 100% this momma’s so please don’t think sponsorship changes that!  😉

5 Tips to Smart Parenting

Okay, I know what you might be thinking:  ‘the last thing I need is a post to tell me how to be a better parent’…well, rest assured…that’s not what this is.

It’s not even a preachy type post.  I personally can’t stand those.

I’m just making a peace offering as a parent and listing a few tips that I’ve found to be helpful over that past 2 1/2 years…take ’em or leave ’em.

Heck, even share your own tips in the comments!  I don’t pretend I’m the world’s greatest mom so I’m open to advice (tip #2!).

So here are my tips that I hope at least one might save you some time and make life a tiny bit easier:

1.  Take Advantage of Nap Time – This is when I get the majority of things done around the house (yes, I’ve learned to be super speedy!)…precious nap time!  I shower, clean (who cares if everything doesn’t look perfect though?), do laundry, make phone calls (cause who needs a crying kid in the background while trying to make an appointment?), write blog posts…or even a little nap of my own.  😉  This time is like gold, so use it wisely!   BUT if you don’t get everything done, whatever, right?  Don’t sweat it!  There will be another nap tomorrow!

2.  Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help – Trust me, everyone has been there where they feel overwhelmed or aren’t sure what to do…for example:  the baby is teething and won’t stop crying or your toddler is wanting nothing to do with potty training.  So who better to ask than a mom or dad who has already gone through what you’re going through?  They’ll have answers and advice for you.  This has been a lifesaver for me and I’m thankful for all my friends who’ve helped out along the way!  Just maybe stay away from the person who thinks their advice is the end all, be all…lol!  I can’t stand know-it-alls!

3.  Shop Online / Buy in Bulk – no one’s idea of fun is shopping with a crying baby or screaming toddler!  Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again if I don’t have to!  I always buy in bulk when I can from sites like Diapers.com and have items shipped directly to my house.  Also, you can normally find money saving discount codes like WOWHUGGIES which is running right now that will take $12 off your purchase of Huggies here.  Smart parents don’t pay more than they have to!  😉

4.  Give Yourself Me Time – I know you identify with being a PARENT…but don’t forget that there is more to you than just being ‘MOM’ or ‘DAD’.  Take time (I know this is easier said than done!) to indulge in your own hobbies and don’t forget who YOU are.  This allows you to unwind and maintain an identity outside of being a parent.  Trust me, you need this time to main your sanity.

5.  Don’t Neglect Your Relationship With Your Spouse – Now you might be thinking…this doesn’t have anything to do with parenting…oh, but it does!  I’m a firm believer that when you have a strong relationship with your spouse, you’re a better parent.period.  A solid family foundation is built around two loving parents so when your relationship is strong, your children have awesome examples and role-models to follow.

See…easy, peasy tips.  No judging, no preaching, no bs.

5 Tips to Smart ParentingSo all you click happy readers…don’t forget to check out the $12 off Huggies deal on Diapers.com!

What ‘Smart Parenting’ Tip do you agree with the most?  Or what tip would you add?

One thought on “5 Tips to Smart Parenting

  1. Miriam says:

    I think parenting books should be taken as general guidance and that people should remember to give their natural instincts as much weight as those best-sellers.

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