5 Ways To Make Bath Time So Much More Engaging!

I’ve used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one as a part of a sponsored post for Socialstars.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own. #johnsonspartners

5 Ways to Make Bath Time So Much More Engaging!  #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore

Bath time…you know, that time of day where you put your little one in a big tub, fill it with warm water, some toys, and clean your child with some soap and shampoo to get them clean and fresh.

Well, bath time doesn’t just have to be about getting clean!  It can be about learning and expanding your child’s horizons by adding something new here and there.  And no, I’m not just talking about buying a new bath toy for him or her.

Here is some food for thought:

bath time ideas for toddlers #somuchmore #johnsonspartners

Now let’s get to 5 ways we add to Mabel’s bath time (and now Millie’s too!) to make it more engaging, interactive and educational:

5 Ways to Make Bath Time So Much More Engaging!  #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore
A fun towel for cuddling, water color changing tablets, and a squishy flower bath for infants!
  1. Play music.  Music is a great way to explore the world through hearing!  We expose our toddler to music of different cultures (I love the reactions we get when Mabel hears something new) and of course a way to bond with Daddy while listening to his favorite 80’s bands, lol!  And don’t forget to sing with your little one!
  2. Get creative!  We teach Mabel about colors while in the bath.  It’s super easy…try making these homemade bath paints or use water color changing tablets and drop them into your little one’s bath.  Talk to them about what the see, how you can combine two colors to make a new one, or just have fun drawing with the paints.
  3. Talk to your little one.  Now hopefully this should be something that’s a given, but truly engage in conversation with your little one.  If your bathing your baby, you’ll be doing all of the talking.  😉  But if you have a toddler, ask questions and get them to converse with you.  Hearing spoken language is very beneficial to both babies and toddlers since it sets an example and gets their little minds to start processing the world around them.
  4. Ditch the technology!  In our lives today, technology is all around us.  So mom and dad, leave your cell phone, ipad or other technological device out of bath time.  Focus on your kiddo and keep bath time a sacred time for you and your child.  Cherish that one on one time since you won’t have it forever.
  5. Lastly, have a routine.  After bath time, use lotion to massage and moisturize your little one’s delicate skin.  Babies and children love predictable routines and those who get massaged are more likely to make eye contact with parents/caregivers, have improved brain function, and increased alertness!  Not to mention, who doesn’t like a massage?!  It’s great bonding time!
5 Ways to Make Bath Time So Much More Engaging! #JohnsonsPartners #SoMuchMore
Blastin’ some tunes during bath time!

I get that those might seem pretty simple but sometimes the most simple things are the most meaningful and important (and overlooked!).

If you’d like to learn even more about how to make the most out of bath time, check out JOHNSON’S® So Much More page.  There are lots of ideas, tips, baby product suggestions and coupons for you too!

What things do you do for/with your little one during bath time?  I would love suggestions on how I can add to our bath time routines here!  🙂

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