Tomorrow Is The Day…

Tomorrow is the day…

My first day with the kids by myself.

That these girls are all mine.  Only mine.

After three solid weeks of having my mom visit, my in laws visit and my husband home from work, everyone has traveled back home and my husband heads back to work.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad nervous.  Surviving a rambunctious toddler or a baby on their own is one thing but having both at one time makes me a little concerned for my multitasking abilities.  I know some of you mommas with multiples and more than one kiddo are probably laughing at me on this one, but dang am I intimidated.

Since Millie’s arrival, Mabel has amped up her sassiness…from virtually non-existent to ‘what did you just say to me?!‘ level.  She’s been very gentle and loving with Millie so I’m thankful for that but I highly doubt she’s going to understand when I have to delay getting her a snack due to Millie nursing constantly (I’m pretty much feeling like a human dairy cow).  Poor Mabel also has to go for her tooth extraction in a few days so I’ve been praying that her tooth stays in place and doesn’t hurt her until her appointment.

As for me…I like to think I’m handing things better this time around but I don’t think I’ve ever been sleepier in my life.  At least when you only have one child, you can nap whenever he/she naps…now, everyone is getting sleep but me.

Mabel naps once a day and sleeps through the night.
Millie sleeps off an on, nothing solid yet…and wakes up constantly to eat (to be expected).
My husband sleeps all night since I’m the only one who can feed Millie…but a little part of me wants to kick him every time I hear a snore while I’m stuck awake, lol!

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed Miss Millie doesn’t take 16 months to start sleeping through the night like Mabel did…or this momma just might not make it!

Anyway…let’s hope for the best tomorrow.  I’m sure it will just be a learning curve on how to handle two kiddos and if I can just eventually manage the two of them napping at the same time once a day, I’ll feel pretty accomplished!

Kudos to all you mommas who make this look easy!

*Find out how our day went here*

So who has any tips for me on how to make this transition easier?!

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is The Day…

  1. tabatha says:

    Thr key is routine. Its gonna be hard and you will have to get the hang of juggling. This is gonna also be a very good lesson for Mabel on learning patience. You’re gonna be fine. There will be tears, more by you then her and Millie. I wish you the very best.

    • Morgan says:

      Lol, you just confirmed for me that this is going to be harder on me than it is the kids! 🙂 I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that we’ll all adjust to it sooner rather than later and I’ll do my best to stick to the same routine every day.

  2. amanda says:

    I jusr had my second child about three months ago, so I can totally relate to how you feel. The thing that helped me the most was having a flexible routine. This allowed me somewhat have a plan for the day and allowed me to handle some unexpected surprises. As for sleeping, when your first is taking their nap and your new baby is sleeping, take the nap. Even if it is only a few minutes it truly makes a difference and helps a lot. It helped me to keep my sanity. Also, I tried to keep his snacks out or within easy reach so that when he was hungry he could grab it. The first few days will be the hardest but once you figure out a rhythm with your days, it gets better!

  3. Caroline Green says:

    Have LOTS of grace with yourself. Movies and snacks for Mabel on hard days. Go outside for a short walk (like even a block) everyday when weather permits. Have a date with the hubs weekly or as often as possible. Coffee. Nightly bubble bath and wine. Remind yourself it’s a season, and this is the hardest it will be (it only gets easier). Soak in the tiny bebe. You got this!!!! For real 🙂

  4. Lisa L says:

    You read my mind! I’m pregnant with my second (and a SAHM) and am freaking out already for the end of June to come because that means my husband is back to work and my MIL and my mom have gone home. Ughh

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