A Day In My Shoes

If my feet could talk…they’d tell you they are constantly on the move…

And they’d probably tell you that they desperately need a pedicure but that’s another story…

But a typical day involves an early run to the store (grocery store, post office, general errands).  The girls are always best behaved and in the best mood first thing in the morning.  😉

If my shoes could talk

Car?  CheckDiaper bag?  CheckComfy and bright (bright = cheerful!) sneakers?  Check.

I’ve found that sneakers are perfect for chasing down an all too energetic three year old.  You have to be prepared at all times to sprint after a fleeing tiny human (Mabel’s newest trick).

Once back home, it’s time to ponder what to do with the toys all over the house…

If my shoes could talk

It’s like I clean things up the night before only to find that they’ve magically appeared all over the floor again.  Thanks Mabel.  But I’ll give her credit, we’re working on learning to clean up and she’s catching on pretty quickly.

Then we grab some lunch and head outside for a bit.

If my shoes could talk

Little three year old legs and some pink velcro shoes…too cute!  Mabel has been super independent lately so velcro has been a blessing when it comes to her doing putting shoes on without any parental help.

Pool time comes next (I’m all about tiring Mabel out so that she sleeps well at night!)…

If my shoes could talk

And after all of that, it’s time to relax.

We wait for Hubs to come home, eat dinner and then I wind down with some time in the glider nursing Millie in her room.

If my shoes could talk

Now that is pretty much an ultra-simplified day and things aren’t always super easy but that’s our daily life in a nutshell (minus the threenager drama).  And honestly having some good pairs of shoes make it easier.  😉  Last thing you want is a pain in the foot!  Totally thought I was cute with that, ha-ha!

Famous Footwear has been a great place to find shoes for everyone in the family and I’ve been pretty inspired with their #ohsofamous style gallery.  Tons of photos and ideas of stylish shoes to wear!  I think I might actually now be motivated to get my feet into something other than sneakers!

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