A Little Christmas Cheer


Our first Christmas has passed as a family of four.

As a child you think Christmas can’t get any better…but as a parent, it does.

I love the atmosphere leading up to the holidays, the scents of winter (or in this case since South Carolina doesn’t have a true winter…winter scented candles will have to do, lol!), and being able to share traditions with the girls.

And when Christmas morning rolled around, I have to admit that I think I was the most excited because I couldn’t wait to see the expressions on both the girls’ and my husband’s face when they opened their gifts.  That’s my joy.

Mabel had been asking for a long time now to have a Thomas train table…


And after saving up for it, that’s what we surprised her with.  And for days since…it’s been played with constantly.  Now I just have to get a rug because my OCD self cringes every single time I hear a train hit the tile…I can see the paint chipping already! 

But whatever, I tell myself the trains are showing signs of being loved and being played with.  🙂


Millie got a few things that I knew would bring a smile to her little chubby baby face:


But she seemed to be the most fascinated with Mabel’s toys (fyi, this is the girls’ play area so all the toys you are seeing were not gifted during Christmas…I didn’t go overboard, ha!)…a Woody doll.

And of course, the trains…


Mabel has a hard time sharing…so we’re going to have to work on that.  We had to explain that Millie wasn’t going to keep her trains.  🙂

And as the day went on, we all stayed in our pajamas.  Soaking in family time with no expectations other than a delicious dinner which was simply prepared in a slow cooker.


Those food covered baby shrieks were treasured too.  I would say that this little gal had a pretty good first Christmas.  And the little gal in the back was still playing with her trains.

But she did manage to take time to enjoy a Ring Pop…which she had been asking to try for ages!


I think she thought it was totally worth the wait, lol!

And lastly the two other members of the family took it easy too…


It was a simply wonderful day.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, I hope you and your family are enjoying the season!

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