More Than Just a Number

This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers to share my experiences. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. Their new program Beyond the Scale, a holistic approach with more ways than ever for you to personalize your program, define your success and guide you on your road to healthier living. #WWsponsored


Being healthy is more than just a number on a scale.

You all know from previous posts, dealing with my weight and self image has been even more of a challenge after having kids.  If I’m truly honest, I bounced back pretty quickly after Mabel…but with Millie, it’s another story.

I can’t quite figure out if it’s just the fact that being pregnant a second time made my body forget how to bounce back…or more than likely it’s just that eating healthy and working out with two kids is a lot more challenging for me than with just one.  I had been enjoying running…but after an issue with my foot, it’s not an option anymore.  I can’t catch a break, lol!

Seriously, I need 48 hours in just one day to get everything done that I need to!

With the new year just about here, I’m ready to find a plan that will work.  So I’m returning to Weight Watchers and their new holistic approach.  I’ve used their plan before with success so I’m kicking myself for just not sticking with them.  I’ve found that I seem to do better when I have something concrete to follow.


With their new plan, I’m learning that I really shouldn’t let the number on my scale be the sole dictator of my mission to get healthier.  Being healthy involves so.much.more.  Most importantly, I need to eat smarter (which the plan will help nudge me towards, all while still allowing me to indulge in some fun foods here and there).  I need to be more physically active and that can be as simple as taking walks with the kiddos to a new workout dvd.  Also, I need to take care of myself!  I guess it’s pretty self explanatory that when I feel good about myself, it’s easier to get healthy and shed those extra pounds.

I’m ready to make a positive change!


Curious to see if the new Weight Watchers plan might work for you?  Read what it’s about HERE.

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