Oh, 2015!

Oh, 2015.

This is what life has looked like for me this past year on an average day.

No makeup.
Lounge clothes.
A baby in my grasp.
A preschooler running around in only underwear (still refuses to wear clothes) and hair in a wild mess.

Oh, 2015.

We were a family of three.
And now we’re a family of four.

That’s been our biggest change this year.  A good change but a challenge too.  I’d by lying if I said it was easy for me to balance two kids.  I went just about three years with having Mabel as my only child and after having Millie, who turned out to be a very clingy baby, I’ve been left feeling guilty of not spending enough one on one time with Mabel.  Something which I’m hoping will be different with the new year.  With Millie gaining independence, I going to devote more time to building my relationship with Mabel.

And maybe…I’ll be able to get rid of some of the guilt I’ve been holding onto of not being the best mother I can be.

Oh, 2015.

We spent the entire year in South Carolina.  No moving.  No deployments.  Thank you Air Force.

Oh, 2015.

This year has been long.
But it’s also been short.

I have to remind myself to savor the everyday moments that I know I take for granted.  I know the girls will grow up too quickly and that life passes by too fast.

Oh, 2015.


Hello, 2016.

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