A Little Sisterly Fun

We’ve had some sisterly fun with Playskool as a part of a sponsored post for Socialstars!  And as always, you wouldn’t see it on this blog if we didn’t genuinely love the products! #PLAYSKOOLCREW

Playskool Fun #PlayskoolCrew

I can’t tell you how happy the photo above makes me…all within the last two weeks I’ve seen a brand new interaction starting between the girls.  Mabel has taken Millie under her wing and genuinely enjoys spending time playing with her and showing things…my heart melts.  Millie just looks at her in awe and lights up anytime that Mabel looks at her.  And I can just hope that this is the beginning of an inseparable bond between them.

As I begin a five month partnership with Playskool, I’m pretty darn excited about all the fun things we’re going to get to try out and share with you.  Play is such a vital part of a child’s development so anything that encourages educational fun is welcomed in my home…especially when it gets the girls playing together and bonding.

The Stack ‘n Stow Cups were the first toy the girls got their hands on.  Now, they are aimed at kids a bit older the Millie but Mabel jumped right in there and showed her what to do.  She stacked them and then played around with the seven cups, all while reciting the colors and shapes (this makes the teacher in me geek out, lol!).

Playskool Fun #PlayskoolCrew

Millie watched Mabel…but ultimately decided that the best way to play with the cups were just to gum them…

Playskool Fun #PlayskoolCrew

 Well, I guess that’s another way to play with them.  😉

And then the other toy that we tried out was the Fold ‘n Go Busy Elephant.

Playskool Fun #PlayskoolCrew

Now don’t let that face fool you…she loves the elephant, she’s just not a fan of tummy time, ha!  The elephant has been great for bribing her to do tummy time.  😉

The elephant is actually jam packed with activities like a squeaker, rattle, mirror, crinkly sounds and different sensory fabrics.  And because Millie is a massive drooler right now, I personally like that the entire toy can be machine washed!

And one last thing I want to point out is that both toys nest within themselves to become compact!

Playskool Fun #PlayskoolCrew

This is great when needing to take toys while on the go and trying to save space!  The Stack ‘n Go Cups fit in my diaper bag and the Fold ‘n Go Busy Elephant is super easy to fold up and take with us when we have appointments and so on.

Both toys are winners in our book!

Be on the lookout because I’ll keep you posted on our new toy discoveries over the next few months!

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