A Sneak Peek and Comparisons

December 29, 2014

32 weeks pregnant…

32 weeks pregnant photo

And I’m starting to feel it (see…lack of makeup and too lazy to put any effort into my hair).  The last couple of weeks have gone by pretty smoothly with the exception of failing my 1 hour glucose test but the body aches and pains have truly set in.  But I guess that’s to be expected this late in a pregnancy.  And if that’s all I truly have to complain about, I should be happy.  🙂

Not too much longer now!

Anyway I wanted to show you all a little sneak peek at Baby #2 (yep, we are still finalizing a name and it’s driving me nuts that we still haven’t 100% decided yet).  We went for an ultrasound a week ago and Little Miss #2 had her hand plastered to her face the entire time.  So that meant no photos at all…we were invited back once more to try again last Saturday.  Well…guess who had her face on her hand the entire time again?  Yep.  But we got one semi-usable photo where we could see some features.

I decided to compare it to the photo of Mabel when she was about 7 hours old:

Baby #2 and Mabel

First off…Baby #2’s head is okay…the big black hole you see on the right of her head is her hand that was on her face and that’s just how it showed up in that image.  It might be the crazy momma/parent in me but I think I see a decent amount of similarities.  🙂  Baby #2 looks like she’s initially going to have a really round head and chubby cheeks like Mabel.  But like I said, maybe my mind is just trying to see similarities?  I guess we’ll know for sure in a few weeks.

And because I was in the comparing mode…I decided to take this week’s photo at 32 weeks and compare it to when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Mabel (I couldn’t find week 32 with her, lol!).

comparison of two pregnancies 32 weeks and 33 weeks

I personally think it looks like I’m carrying this baby a lot lower than I was carrying Mabel.  My belly started right under my boobs with Mabel and with gal #2, she’s been hanging around much lower.

Onward we go!  Now if only I could feel like I was getting things accomplished around the house since my nesting instinct is in full swing…

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