A Year Ago This Week…Pregnancy Progression Photos

I looked like this:

pregnancy progression photos - 37 weeks

These photos make me laugh…they were taken only days before Mabel decided to make her appearance.   I was huge and it looked like I had a beach ball stuffed under my shirt.  Seriously…how much bigger do pregnant bellies get?

Mabel’s due date wasn’t until the 25th of February and I was convinced I would go over 40 weeks.  But once I hit 37 weeks, I’m telling you there was absolutely no place left for her to go…but out.

And for your enjoyment…here are my pregnancy progression photos that I have.

We moved early on in my pregnancy so I got sidetracked and missed a handful of photos, I apologize.

Pregnancy Progression - pregnancy photos by week

You can see how much weight I gained in the face too…

Anyway, this all resulted in 38 weeks and 3 days of baking my little Mabel.

Mabel…my baby…turns one this week.

Where did the time go?
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10 thoughts on “A Year Ago This Week…Pregnancy Progression Photos

  1. Kristie says:

    I love the weekly pictures! I did the same with my kiddos. You had so many cute maternity clothes – maybe it’s time to put them to use again. hee. 🙂 Any big plans for Mabel’s 1st birthday?

  2. Osha says:

    I enjoyed the weekly photos! I remember watching your vlogs during my pregnancy. I was 1 week ahead of you. Its such a bittersweet feeling when your baby turns one. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Jessica K says:

    Aww. That’s one thing I regret not doing when I was pregnant. I just felt like a whale and didnt want them, but now I literally have like 1-2 pictures total of me being pregnant!

    Super cute!

  4. ronni says:

    You just inspired me to accept my bump so much more!! I am the same size you were at 29 weeks also and this just brought tears to my eyes. now i can stop getting smart with people for making stupid comments!!

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