And the Nursery Planning Begins

I’m officially beginning to plan the nursery.  The only thing that is really stopping me for the moment is that we don’t know Baby’s gender yet.  But, that will be fixed in almost a week!!!!  Between obsessing on Pinterest and Googling tons of ‘nursery designs’ and ‘nursery pictures’, I’m so ready to get my hands dirty and start this project!
Let’s start off with this important bit of info…I’m not into baby themes such as ‘safari’ or ‘butterflies’ or ‘Winnie the Pooh’.  If you are, that’s perfectly fine…but they’re just not my style.  I’m aiming for a slightly mature look that will grow with the child and not become quickly outdated.  I also love the idea of incorporating older/re-purposed pieces and antique decorations into the room.  I feel that it gives the room a more homey and unique feel rather than looking like I bought everything solely from Babies ‘R’ Us.
Until I find out the gender, I’m going to work on finding pieces of furniture this week…possibly a dresser.  I’m dragging Hubby this Saturday to a little boonie town down the road this weekend to look at antiques and older furniture.  After finding this great tutorial on Curbly…I can’t wait to try it out!
Check out the link to the blog (above) to see how she did this!
Doesn’t the dresser look adorable in the nursery?!  I was thinking you could kind of ‘shabby’ it out by sanding random pieces of the dresser too.
I’ll post a picture of the room we are going to use as the nursery this weekend or early next week…but be prepared!  It’s an ugly brown (the previous homeowner painted it that color) and it’s our ‘junk’ room right now…when we moved in the other month, all the random boxes and clothes got thrown in there.

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