Holy Avocado! 16 Weeks Pregnant!

It’s Saturday and I’m officially 16 weeks pregnant.  Baby is the size of an avocado…wow!  And this is officially the last full week of us not knowing whether Baby is a boy or a girl.  How exciting?!  We will be going to our gender scan on Monday the 19th and I will post results as soon as we get home.  Now, I just have to relax for the next week (I’m so impatient, have I mentioned that before?!).
I’m also convinced that I’ve been feeling movement for the past week.  After consistently feeling a little fluttering at least a few times a day (more so in the evening), I’m pretty sure that it’s got to be Baby.  It’s a feeling that I’ve never had before…just a little flutter here and there.  It makes me smile.  😉
Anyway, it’s super late…about 1:30am…and I guess I should try to go to bed.  I’ve apparently messed up my sleeping schedule…I don’t feel like I can go without a nap during the day and that normally means that I’m up later in the evening.  And I guess that it doesn’t help that I’ve been obsessing over Googling nursery ideas.  🙂

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