The Quad Screen

To help start the week off right (note the sarcasm) I went and had blood work done.  I’m officially past the 16 week point that makes you eligible to do the Quad Screen…so I popped into my OB office, no appointment necessary to get my blood drawn.  I politely asked the lady if she’d use a butterfly needle (a smaller needle)…you may remember my horrible bruise the last time I had blood work done.  The previous guy who drew my blood on base insisted that he wouldn’t use a butterfly needle because he just didn’t use them…and in return blew out my vein.  If only he would have listened to me.  But…this lady was great, I hardly felt the stick and it was over and done with before I knew it.
So if you aren’t familiar with the Quad Screen, it’s primarily used from week 16-19 (I might be off by a week, maybe week 18) to see the probability of having a baby with Down Syndrome.  There are some other things that are scanned for but that’s the biggest thing that I was made aware of by my doctor.  My blood work will also be used to see if I’m a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis.  If I am a carrier, my Hubby will have to have his blood tested too in order to see if he is a carrier.
Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that everything comes back perfectly fine.  I expect to find out my result at my next appointment which will be next week.

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