I’ve Been a Cooking Fool

I finally found my cord to attach my camera to the computer!  Yay!  I figured I’d post two pictures of recipes that I’ve made over the past two weeks that were a hit with the husband.
Yummy Baked Mac and Cheese!

Okay so here is the link but make sure to read the rest here since I’ve tweaked the recipe a little:
Baked Mac and Cheese 
*I used cheddar cheese.
*Now, when you finish placing the mac and cheese in the dish, before you throw it in the oven, you need to put bread crumbs on the top.  You can use plain, but I put Italian seasoned bread crumbs because it added a nice complimentary flavor to the mac and cheese.
*On top of the bread crumbs, you’re going to add a few flat squares of butter…this will melt and butter up the bread crumbs!  😉
*Lastly, 10 mins before the time is up on backing, pull it out and throw some shredded cheese on the top.  This is really to your liking…how little or how much.  This will allow the cheese to get bubbly and a little brown.  

Super Yummy Breakfast Egg, Cheese and Bacon BiscuitsOkay…here is the Breakfast Biscuit Recipe!  I stole this one too but once again I made one tweak to this one so make sure to read the rest of my entry (and yes, this lady’s biscuits look better than mine, lol):
Breakfast Biscuit Recipe 

* Instead of getting regular biscuit dough, I bought the pre-made Pillsbury Buttery Biscuits (8 pack).  This added a great butter flavor it it was already added for me in the dough.  If you use these, you need to flatten the biscuits a lot before sticking them into the muffin tin.
*ALSO – listen to her warning about not topping off the biscuits with eggs!  Mine overflowed cause I thought I could get away with it….not so much.  🙁

🙂  Both are super easy and guaranteed to be eaten.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been a Cooking Fool

  1. 3e295b8e-dfce-11e0-b499-000f20980440 says:

    Oh my goodness…. those look sooooo good! I will totally have to try! Thank you for posting! I am newly married as well (and housewife because we relocated for my hubby's job)and I have loved finding out new recipes! I recently came across this webpage called http://www.crockpotgirls.com & they have really, really good recipes for the slowcooker (easy too).
    I love watching your pregnancy vlogs too! We are ttc as well but it is taking a little while for us ;=) Fingers crossed soon though ;=)


  2. Melissa says:

    These are AMAZING! And Surprisingly Everyone in our house tried them and Loves them… They go fast.. lol
    ** The only things I did different was pull the biscuits apart (like you were going to butter them) and only use half a biscuits on each and I put my bacon under the eggs.

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