Another Year Older

Another year older…another year wiser?
Um, not sure about that, lol!

Friday was my birthday and of course it was Black Friday (not a huge fan of the years when my birthday falls the day after Thanksgiving, but it is what it is).  So what did we do to celebrate?  We stayed home!  😉  And it was perfect!

Hubby was crazy and ordered me cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake:

Birthday Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake

They were some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had but shipping cost an arm and a leg so they better have been good!  My favorite flavor was the Double Chocolate Birthday Cake (the one with the multi-colored sprinkles at the bottom) and a close second was the Mocha (the one with the little chocolate covered coffee bean in the middle of the icing).

I probably gained an extra 5 pounds after eating those…for real.

And the best part of the day was getting a card and a gift from my husband and Mabel:

Birthday Card and Gift

My husband even had Mabel decorate the gift wrap…he just keeps getting better and better.  I never expected this.  And now the hoarder in me doesn’t want to throw the gift wrap out since Mabel’s scribbles are just too darn cute.

The birthday weekend was filled with festivities too…

I made a pie from scratch:

I was pretty proud of my baking skills since I always manage to mess things up.

And we started putting up our holiday decorations:

This is our first year with monogrammed stockings and it still surprises me to see “Mom” and “Dad” on them, lol!  I keep thinking of my parents and then I have to realize that now my husband and I are “Mom” and “Dad” too.  😉

The simple/quiet birthdays are the best to me.  I treasure the simple things and little moments since those cannot be fabricated, duplicated or paid for.  Especially the ‘nigh-nigh’ and a big blown ‘mwahhhh‘ kiss I got from Mabel to finish out my birthday night.

I wonder if next year can top this one?  🙂

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